About cert.lu

The objective is to create a community gathering all the major actors and their expertise under a unique label and platform: cert.lu. It is not only important for the local market but also when representing Luxembourg abroad.

Code of Conduct

  • Members of cert.lu will in its operations act in such a way that it sets an example of responsible Internet and security behaviour.
  • Members of cert.lu receiving or holding information, regardless of the subject matter, that may affect either another CSIRT team’s constituency, the community of CSIRTs as a whole, or the security of the Internet or its users, will handle this information responsibly and protect it against inadvertent disclosure to unauthorised parties.
  • The security of the methods of storing and transmitting information inside or outside the team, will be appropriate to its sensitivity using the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) for classification and sharing of sensitive information.
The economical attractiveness of a country depends on multiple factors. Luxembourg has become an attractive place for global players especially in the ICT field. Information security is a key factor for trustable ICT platforms. The cert.lu initiative is there to enhance cyber security practices and techniques, and support security professionals in Luxembourg.
The cert.lu initiative supports the sharing of cybersecurity information between private and public entities as well as among private entities. The objective is to better protect informations systems, detect and respond more efficienly to cybersecurity incidents.
Supporting citizens and organizations in handling incidents response and detection. We will help them to be better prepared in the defence of their assets and infrastructures.

This Code of Conduct is based on ENISA's Good Practice Guide for Incident Management, Annex II - CSIRT Code of Practice

Join Us!

By joining, you can gain from an additional national visibility, share and exchange with your CERT colleagues and benefit from the cyber threat exchange platforms.


CERT members of the cert.lu initiative:



European Union anti-Phishing Initiative is an european project to detect and block phishing websites. cert.lu members participate in the project.

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Passive DNS

Passive DNS is a database storing historical DNS records from various resources including malware analysis or partners. The DNS historical data is indexed, which makes it searchable for incident handlers, security analysts or researchers.

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MISP is a cyber threat sharing platform. Members from public and private sectors can exchange indicators of compromise in order to detect, prevent or response to security incident.

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